Bios Flash Memory Organization Using The Setup Program Add-in Card Connectors Rj Lan Connector Leds The motherboard comes with 5 PCI 2. Installing the DE EA2 motherboard was a breeze.

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Connecting The Ide Cable Supported Graphics Refresh Frequencies Atapi Cd-rom Connector j6b3 Pci Interrupt Routing Map Agp Universal Connector j6c1 Front Panel Connectors History Of The Xbox.

Ide Auto Configuration Usb Port Configurations Boot Block Recovery Code Checkpoints Diskette Drive Connector j6h2 Recovering The Bios Intel ep Chipset Block Diagram Feature Level Differences Uncompressed Init Code Checkpoints Obtaining The Bios Update File Prevent Power Supply Overload Cnr Connector optional Thermal Considerations For Components Table Of Contents Processor And Memory Module Combinations Bios Setup Configuration Jumper Settings j9g2 Bios Security Features Add-in Card Connectors Bios Setup Program Modes Bios Setup Program Operating System Selection Parallel Port Connector Chassis Intrusion Connector j9h3 optional Locations Of The Jumper Blocks Updating The Bios Serial Port B Connector j8h1 Peripheral Configuration Submenu Boot Device Priority Submenu Supported Memory Configurations