Because of how his power works, he was on the ground, while spinning the enemy in midair using his detached hands. Enough spinning could make very large holes in the ground. Morrigan of Darkstalkers , Vector Drain surprisingly. Rofu used this as his final attack against Rei. It is officially unknown whether this technique is from the Nanto Seiken school or from a style that Amiba copied. Can also be performed in midair. Retrieved from ” http:

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It was also used to wipe out Yuda’s decoy in the anime. He then raises his arm with his middle hokito forefinger raised. Rei Gaiden original technique. A rapid slicing attack that destroyed a boulder behind Kenshiro. One of the variations of Seiya ‘s Pegasus Rolling Crush technique is this. It’s called, you guessed it, “Izuna Drop. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

Rei swings his arms four times, senidng out a sideways energy blast each time. The ninja-themed Gundam Spiegel gets the classic Izuna Drop, while Gundam Epyon has an Izuna Drop performed while in its flight modewhich is Awesome, but Impractical thanks to the long recovery time afterwards. Rei performs a single, graceful looking somersault. For some reason whenever Charizard gains momentum before dropping the opponent’s Pokemon onto the ground, a globe will always appear.


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In the One Piece anime, Buggy used this as a finishing move on a Blugori. He also borrows the mid-run variant from Galford.

Because of how his power works, he was on the ground, while spinning the enemy in midair using his detached hands. Maximum Impact 2 see aboveS;inning has your typical Izuna Drop which can set the opponent sshinken fire as both a special move and DM. Kotaro’s third super art in Sengoku Basara 3 is one of these. Rofu used this as his final attack against Rei. In Dragon Ball Z: Zangief in Street Fighter IIwho has it as a special throw command. It’s the single most damaging attack in the game and works on everything.

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This move is somewhat possible in real life. The Canadian Destroyerpopularized by Petey Williams, spins a little differently in that it’s a flip piledriver. Compare Hurricane Kick for another exaggerated version of a martial art move.

Spunning Shrike Rune user Kasumi in Suikoden uses this. If not, the slashed ligaments reattach themselves. The ground is ruptured, and any enemies within range instantly die and spares Rei gameplay-wise.


Nanto Suicho Ken

As well as the Underworld Drop and the Flower Garland Drop in 2which can be considered as variants. In real lifea piledriver is a move where someone grabs an upsidedown opponent and slams them into the ground headfirst.

In Kensei Sacred Fistprofessional wrestler David sorta has one. Arc Systems video game original technique. Justin Credible ‘s finisher, named “That’s Incredible,” is a spinning belly-to-belly piledriver.

Odd considering she’s a fairly skinny succubusbut there are signs of her strength around.

The manual says Haggar and Zangief are frenemiesconstantly trying to one-up their trademark grapples. Morrigan of DarkstalkersVector Drain surprisingly.

Its movements are compared to a graceful water bird, however, its destructive power is without equal and can slaughter enemies with its devastating slicing techniques.

For his appearance in KOF: