To perform a check on the DRAM, press: TONE Rx The bias drive circuit, by means of the bias switching signal DPI from the CPU, judges the print resolution and the switches the output voltage. Due to this, even if smaller paper widthwise than set by the cassette size lever is fed through, the toner developed on the photosensitive drum will not adhere to the edge of the transfer charging roller, therefore internal machine soiling caused by the toner is prevented. When an error occurs Normal completion 1: NO Reconnect the connector properly.

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The function of the vanadium lithium secondary battery BAT1 is to back up transmitted and received faxed image data. When the procedure signal sent out by this unit is not properly received by the destination machine, cann the number to 2. When copying books, etc. NO Explain to the customer that the trouble is not caused by bp160 copier.

The structure of each cassette feeder is the same, and each cassette feeder is equipped with a pick-up assembly and a feeder controller PCB, which controls the operation of the pick-up assembly.

Error, copy management SW No. An inner-clip washer is used cxnon one securing screw in the metal cover to prevent buildup of static electricity.


NO Reconnect the connector. For example, when a document the length of 2.

Canon GP160

Poor connector Check the connection of the flat 9 NO Reconnect the cable. YES Replace the pad. Returns to the previous display. Multi-feeder pick-up drive mechanism The multi-feeder pick-up roller is driven by the main motor, via the multi-feeder pickup drive assembly gear.

Canon GP Toner Cartridge Black AAA –

The pace of this deterioration over time depends on the installed and storage environments. Is there dirt on the contact point that YES Clean the contact Cartridge pri2 supplies high-voltage to the carpoint.

In case the machine malfunctions and cannot print, this machine is equipped with a function which allows the transfer of received image data to another fax machine for printing. These are the detection timings for each cassette feeder: The copier should be kept level. The laser beam sensor signal is used to generate this start signal. This operation measures and records the density of the white reference plate behind the copyboard glass.

For these reasons, please handle these batteries with sufficient care. When the timer is set to other than 32 minutes, refer to the following page and set the appropriate time. Paper leading edge sensor delay jam for cassette pick-up If paper has not arrived at the leading edge sensor PS approx.


Then, after removing the 4 installation screws [4], remove the laser scanner unit [5]. Toner safety The toner is a non-toxic substance composed of plastic, iron and a small amount of pigment. The following page shows the display and sensor name, and the status of each sensor when the main unit is ;cl stand-by when keys of the numeric keypad are pressed.

Canon GP Service manual |

YES Investigate why the fuse blew. The construction of the main unit is also the same for units not equipped with an ADF. If paper is fed which is different in width from the paper size set by the cassette paper size lever, the feeding operation will stop.

Fixing heater safety mechanism Therefore the pick-up drive gear rotates. The main units construction is the same for units whether equipped with the ADF units, canpn not.

Indicates setting is 1. Removing the fixing assembly 1 Remove the two screws, and take off the lower left cover.

Change the output speed using the numeric key pad and then check the signals. FREQ Hz