Please note that the printer will only allow one open connection at a time. The MAC is used by hardware devices on the network to communicate with each other. Select Local printer , clear the Automatically detect my printer check box, and then click Next. Click Next , and then provide the following information: We strongly recommend against the use of this feature.

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This is a reserved value and is used by the printer to indicate there is no subnet. LPQ – requests printer status. It will see broadcast packets, and multicast packets sent to a multicast MAC address the interface is set up to receive.


Please note that the display and cutter do not come standard on any printer model. Strict source route along host – list. While we do not recommend installing the printer drivers if you intend to communicate bi-directionally, we have developed some ways of communicating bi-directionally while using drivers. User Customer Defined – This method allows the customer to define any page size less than 16″ long.

Try to limit the number of jobs opened and closed. Some newer model PCs already have the Boca printer drivers installed. If this is the case, the printer will automatically try and renew its lease before it expires. This feature is still available in the new drivers to support old installations. It must send its responses through a gateway in order to reach the destination host. This size will usually be incorrect. goca


Works with Microsoft LPR port. Please note that the printer cannot alternate between these two modes.

Boca Systems – Ticket Printers, Kiosk Printers, Thermal Tickets

In order to properly format the data, the user must correctly establish the page size and margins. Some customers have asked for the ability to manually set the speed and duplex settings of the Ethernet port.

Send print jobs to bocz printer. However, the printer will not accept the command if it is busy, so nothing is usually returned until the printer is ready again.

Direct thermal technology eliminates the need for ink, toner and ribbon required by most other printing mechanisms.

Content copyright – The use of Windows Socket API calls allows the user bi-directional communication across the network and full control of the process.

TCP doesn’t use broadcast or multicast, so you will only see your own TCP traffic, but UDP services may use broadcast or multicast so you’ll see some UDP traffic – however, this is not a problem with TCP traffic, it’s a problem with unicast traffic, as you also won’t see all UDP traffic between other machines. In the event that you ftl install the wrong driver, it may be necessary to completely remove all traces of the old driver files in order to successfully install a new driver.

These drivers only work with all standard BOCA printers built from forward. This command permanently changes the IP address of the printer and stores it in flash. This driver is only to be used with PCL mode printers.


If the problem is one where the printer stops printing after a large amount of tickets are sent then we recommend you set as large a buffer as possible. Click Next and wait for a bit. All of the printers with the exception of the Lemur-S internal storage are available in a kiosk version. This command bca the MAC number Ethernet address for the printer in the form. If it does, you should ask fgll supplied the driver for the interface the vendor, or the supplier of the OS you’re running on your machine whether it supports promiscuous mode with that network interface.

Then it will wait 4s, then 8s, etc. All other printers will ship with reverse adjustable paper guides. In the case of wireless LAN interfaces, it appears that, when those interfaces are promiscuously sniffing, they’re running in a significantly different mode from the mode that they run in when they’re just acting as network interfaces to the extent that it would be a significant effor for those drivers to support for promiscuously sniffing and acting as regular network interfaces at the same timeso it may be that Windows drivers for those interfaces don’t support promiscuous mode.