This is most apparent on the lowest notch, which is very dim indeed versus notch 2 which is substantially brighter. I found it slightly spongy, if that is the correct terminology. Like many cheaper screens, there is backlight bleed from the base of the panel as can be seen in the shots below. The buttons are directly below, and consists of what essentially amounts to a rocker switch. She bought this back in summer without consulting me and hence wound up with a system totally unsuitable for her needs.

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Indeed, the aesthetic side of the system was of paramount importance for her, which led me foolishly to recommend the pink Sony Vaio C. This notebook computer is most comfortable with general computing tasks and flies through them all without a hitch. However, there was a plethora of processes on start-up over 70! Out of the box boot time was around 55 seconds to the desktop, with another 5 seconds for all tray programs ausio be loaded. The crux of the issue with this laptop is that it performs with sufficient speed to audoo fast to the end user, despite the fact it lags behind in benchmarks.

Naturally, I pruned these down to a much more respectable 30, with a commit charge of MB. With an integrated solution, this machine is never going to run the latest games, but certainly suffices for the average user. Asus A8F asu side view on top of Acer notebook view large image.

Asus A8F Notebook Review

From my perspective this is one of the main strengths of this system. The line out is on the left side of the system, which I find to be a superior location than on the front. I would go as far to say that the lowest brightness is unusable in all but the darkest environments. Next we looked at brands and I was keen to avoid Acer I own a8 and am not particularly enamoured with it and Dell she dislikes the design.


As you can see, this a substantial improvement, and given the stability of the undervolts I fail to see why anybody would not do this on their own system. Lord of the Rings on Asus A8F screen view large image.

After I tweaked the system by removing obvious bloatware, that time was reduced to 42s and 45s respectively.

A8F | ASUS Global

My girlfriend was neutral over XP vs Vista, but my own research told me that to get similar performance using Vista requires better specifications and thus higher cost. I have no experience with tech support at this time obviously due to the short ownership time.

Press the left of the bar for a left click, asuw the right for right click. The fan has 4 levels off, slow, medium, fast with only the last one being particularly intrusive. It is about the size of a small mobile phone, and about twice as thick.

The Dell had a great battery life for its size and the specification was sufficient for her needs basic office use, internet, messaging, music. I found this useful since I prefer to use Office The weight is very reasonable at 2. Through high quality headphones, the integrated audio sounds acceptable with a fairly low noise floor. Bluetooth is provided by Toshiba and also works without incident with my Sony Ericsson Ki. The included Asus carry bag and optical mouse auddio nice touches for first aus users.


She bought this back in summer without consulting me and hence wound up with a system totally unsuitable for her needs. Viewing angles are standard for a glossy screen, with colours quickly fading in the vertical. The sound, as on almost all laptops, a8g poor from the speakers and lacks any bass.

Power users and gamers should avoid it, as should those looking for something to carry around constantly.

This is only really noticeable when viewing a very dark or black image however so in everyday use does not pose much of an issue. The base stays cool, with only the area underneath the hard drive generating any heat at all. This does not seem to x8f performance so far however, with the system coping with all admittedly tame tasks I have thrown at it. Fortunately there are no dead pixels and I aucio the screen as a whole to be a step up from those on Acer laptops.

Asus A8F laptop sound card drivers

The card reader works fine, however has a poor design. Asus A8F top view view large image. The screen is a glare type which is commonplace on consumer notebooks these days; you either like them or loathe them.