However, a Philips burn failed. I use a lot of different media and a lot of different apps to author only however i ONLY use imgburn to actually burn my dvds and now blu-rays. I have Symantec anti-virus that has a real-time scanner Rtvscan. I tried burning the discs on my laptop 3 GB Ram, 2. I author with TDA3, then burn with imgburn. In doing this i have no problems with playback on about 8 different dvd players and 3 different blu-ray players.

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The burner is not very old and has not been used until now. Do a search with your model number, adding firmware to the search term, and you’ll find several out there for that unit.

Are you saying that the firmware might be too old to work perfectly with current DVD discs? It does seem to me that it would be worth trying in your case, given all the information you’ve provided. And do you think I achieved 160p6z successful backup of my current firmware?

The technology is more mature now. Contact Us VideoHelp Top. Results 1 to 24 of You’ve really been doing your homework. But one gets wary of saying something will definitely help, there are often too many factors involved. The burner may not have the correct burn strategy for certain discs. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Really appreciate your pds2. I’m more concerned with just killing the functionality of 160p6 device, such as it is works fine for reading dvds, installing programs, etc, everything but perfect burns.


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Are there best practices to avoid this? The first link above is probably the most recent firmware. I tried to delete the process but still no prs22. I second fritzi93’s recommendation of Imgburn fopr burning, and suggest you get verbatim or TY discs. I’m about to try another TY disc with the PC in a few minutes. I trashed that disc and popped another into the Philips and it’s burning fine now.

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I remember in the early days of DVD burning when keeping one’s firmware updated was more important. Failing that, will try imgburn.

First actual failure I’ve had. You may have crap media and have just been lucky so far. I have Symantec anti-virus that has a real-time scanner Rtvscan. I turned off all components of this program and Rtvscan.

Download Driver Anatel 0024-05-2490

Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried burning the discs on my laptop 3 GB Ram, 2. So if I get a new internal burner, I have a few questiosns: I’d use the firmware, just take your time and don’t screw the pooch.


Otherwise, you may as well start looking at a different machine to burn DVDs. Can other programs running on the PC interfere with the burn process? Is it an all-in-one program? WinX DVD Author is very easy to use, and sometimes produces perfect discs, which leads me to believe it’s not the software, and it has been reviewed online by a reasonable number of users.

Easy enough to find with imgburn. Burning on different computer.